Windows Apps Solutions

At Super Simple Software, we specialize in developing client applications that can gather data autonomously through manual data entry or a combination of both. These applications can also act as a delivery endpoint for cloud solutions and help reduce the computing load on the cloud by taking on a significant amount of computation on the client side.

Some of the specific applications we have developed are

Auto and manual File uploader to cloud

Our applications can automatically upload files to the cloud, with the option for manual uploads. This feature can save a significant amount of time and resources.

Cloud-triggered Auto Document printing

Our applications can be triggered by the cloud to print documents, streamlining the printing process automatically.

Data repair UI and sending it to the cloud

Our applications can repair data on the client side and then send it to the cloud for further processing.

Cloud-connected CD writing application

Cloud-connected CD writing application: We can develop applications that can write CDs and connect to the cloud for data transfer, enabling seamless data backup and storage

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Super Simple Software LLP's Applications Executed for Clients

Our solutions can deliver live, accurate, and quick information to the user with a smooth user interface and interactivity.

Super Simple Software Windows Apps Solutions

We integrate innovation with cutting-edge technology to amplify your outputs and deliver the best software solution for your organization.
Our systems are designed to be easy for people without technical training, making it easy for healthcare professionals to access the information they need, even in urgent situations.
We understand the importance of timely information in the healthcare industry, and our systems are designed to deliver data as quickly as possible.

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